Giving Back

Our success as a company, and our success as individuals, can really only be measured by the good we can do for other people and the planet as a whole.  To the right are some examples of how Dynamic Resources gives back to our community and our favorite organizations, and some of the fun we had doing it.

If you have a cause or organization you would like us to support, please email us to see how we can get involved. 


Park Beautification

Team Dynamic was out in force to help beautify a park in Flushing Queens, New York.  We repaired a rock wall, weeded, raked leaves, and repaved the walkways with 2 tons of bluestone.  It was a long day but the results were worth it.

park1.jpg park2.jpg park3.jpg

School Clean-Up

Dynamic was out again to work at a local school.  We cleaned the yard, organized the supply rooms, cleaned out years of debris from the stockrooms, and helped paint the playground for the kids.

school1.jpg school2.jpg school3.jpg

Elementary School Library

The whole company pitched in for a long day at a local school library that was in need of a makeover.  We painted a mural, painted all the bookshelves, installed new signage, and gave the whole place a brand new look.  The kids loved it!

library1.jpg library2.jpg

Working with Kids

We had so much fun teaching these kids about bridges!  After reading and learning how bridges are built, we all got to build our own with sticks, glue, and string.  Everyone was so proud of their work and had a great day.

kids1.jpg kids2.jpg kids3.jpg

Highway Barricade Painting

A local running path was looking very dull, so Dynamic was out in force to repaint a fun and crazy mural along a huge stretch of the road.  We lined up and hit the road (with paint) and had a fun time doing it!

barricade1.jpg barricade2.jpg barricade3.jpg

New Orleans

After Hurricane Katrina we wanted to do something for the people so horribly affected.  We went down to New Orleans 9th Ward to work with Habit for Humanity.  Nothing could prepare us for the actual devastation we saw and the conditions that people were living in.

nola1.jpg nola2.jpg nola3.jpg

City Harvest

Working with City Harvest, we had an opportunity to pick up and collect food that would otherwise have gone to waste, and deliver it to those most in need.    Such a small effort really helps so many people.

city1.jpg city2.jpg city3.jpg